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All systems come with 2 years parts and 5 years labor warranty.

Price subject to change without notice

Price: $999.00

An affordable PC now with Intel i3-2100 processor. Everything you need to surf the Internet and do your assignments.

Package 1: Home/Office Pack

(with i3 CPU)

Price: $1549.00

Powered with new Intel i5 processor, plus 1GB PCI-E GF GT430 video card. Allows people to play games and multimedia editing.

Package 2:† Value Pack

(with Intel i5 CPU)

Price: $2299.00

C2D E5300: $429

†C2D E7500: $499

Includes: CPU, 4-in-1 Motherboard (Sound/Video/LAN), 512MB DDRAM, Keyboard & Mouse and Case. FREE INSTALLATION (One year parts/labor warranty)

Is your computer out-of-date and not doing itís job??

Why not UPGRADE it to save your money and time??

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